Study Abroad Counselling

Study Abroad Counselling:

A course and university that properly match a student’s aptitude, interests, academic background, and financial situation are found by our team of skilled and experienced advisors.

In order to help students who come to us for career advice, we at Namana Innovations and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. consider careers not just from the standpoint of a means of subsistence but also as a way of developing both intellect and stature. Your decision to enroll in a course and attend a university will be assisted by our knowledgeable career advisors with years of experience. We constantly work to provide you with the finest program and location possible, taking into account factors such as the job market, personal aspirations, aptitude, financial situation, etc. To ensure that you have a worry-free time while studying abroad, we only work with the top universities and colleges after periodically assessing their recognitions.

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